2024 International Conference Committee

This committee crafts the annual international conference, which brings colleagues of all experience levels from around the world together to share new ideas and expertise, challenge norms, network, mentor, and lead the way in our profession. Opportunities include selecting and building session content; creating experiences for bonding, service, and enjoying the local culture; and promoting the conference through marketing and communications.

Meet Your 2024 Conference Chairs: Kimberly and Dawn

A Letter from Your Chairs

Core Committee Members:

  • Kimberly Karol, Chair
  • Dawn Green, Vice-Chair
  • Mitra Keykhah, Board Liason
  • Megan McAndrews, Attendee Experience Chair
  • Libby Dissauer, Attendee Experience Co-Chair
  • Liz Lauersdorf, Marketing Chair
  • Carl Lockrem, Marketing Co-Chair
  • Keelin Schneider, Sponsorship Co-Chair   
  • Sam Sanchez, Sponsorship Co-Chair  
  • Leticia John, Content Chair
  • Amanda Halbert, Content Co-Chair

Content Committee Members:

  • Leticia John, Chair
  • Amanda Halbert, Co-Chair
  • Megan Rehberg
  • April Marciszewski
  • Marian Johnson
  • Nicole Rodriguez
  • Natalie Champ
  • Gina Galluppi
  • Alyson Bell
  • Pamela Simmons
  • Christina Thompson

MarComm Committee Members:

  • Liz Lauersdorf, Chair
  • Carl Lockrem, Co-Chair
  • Adrianne DeWeese
  • Pat Reyes
  • Colin Daly
  • Kelly Blavatt
  • Dana Treglia
  • Rachel Humphrey

Attendee Experience Committee Members:

  • Meg McAndrews, Chair
  • Libby Dissauer, Co-Chair
  • Emily Thornton
  • Jill Forehand
  • Claudine Eskonen
  • Brittney Hoffmann Smith
  • Jennifer Franer
  • Cassi Strain
  • Erin Silcox Jacobs
  • Katherine Lane
  • Michael Panagakos
  • Katy Galli-Kreps

Sponsorship Committee Members:

  • Keelin Schneider, Co-chair
  • Samantha Sanchez, Co-chair
  • Guycaelle Vaval, Board Liaison
  • Brinton Vincent
  • Hannah McKenley
  • Christian DaPonte